101 in 1001 – a six month update

I’m very excited to be writing this  – the first six month update of my 101 in 1001 goals! It is a funny time to be writing it, obviously. I look back at the goals I set in November last year and it’s like a trip back in time, when things like ‘travel’ and ‘celebrations’ were possible, and when I fully expected I would be graduating this May. I don’t feel at all upset by the things that are not currently possible, however – an effect of my Covid-induced calm, maybe?


I’m pleased with where I’ve got to thus far. Here’s some top-line stats for you:

  • 16 goals completed
  • 8 goals partially completed
  • 3 goals that were oh so close! But no cigar
  • 1 goal that will have to be dropped or modified
  • Most completed category: Home (6/12 goals complete)

And in a nutshell, here’s what I’ve completed over the last six months:


I thought, by this time, that I would have also celebrated my graduation (#57) – this was meant to have been in early May, but has obviously been deferred to September. I could have chosen to graduate in absentia but it makes no difference to me and I want to walk in the ceremony! Hayden and I also had a couple of nights away planned for just us, no Amelie – ah well (#23). Instead we’ve been spending all day and all night with Amelie for going on seven weeks now, so…that’s different. Finally, I was meant to have done the Round the Bays run at the beginning of March (#81) but I was brutally sick. That was pretty disappointing but hey, at least it was just a cold and not Covid! There’ll be other fun runs.

Goal #31 – learn Luminar – will have to be dropped or modified (to what, I don’t know yet). Luminar is photo editing software Hayden and I used to have. He loved it for the organisational capacity of it (we have a lot of photos!) but once I got stuck into trying to learn it I just found it completely unusable, and its editing capability was less than impressive. We’re back on Lightroom now and I’m much happier. I will not be achieving this goal and bothering to learn Luminar.

I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve achieved so far. Without this list, I would likely still not own a steamer, I may well have not tried three new fitness classes or activities (spin, a pilates hybrid sort of class, and a strength training/circuit situation, for those curious. All three were great but I loved spin and have gone back multiple times. Who knew?!), and while I’m sure I would have celebrated finishing my MPP, would I have remembered those celebrations so clearly as I do now? We kind of did two lots of celebrations – the first was an absolutely amazing dinner at Sid at The French Café when it was all finally actually over, and the second was champagne in the park when I got my dissertation mark through. Both fill me with such joy to remember them.


Finally, is anyone even a little bit surprised that home was the most completed category – what else would I have been doing?! A lot of those projects were to do with Wonderview and have definitely been moved along faster thanks to our lockdown here over the past seven or so weeks. I’ll put together a post or two about those projects – would be great to show you all how the house has progressed since my last update.


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