Why I’m doing 101 in 1001

Wonderview_sunrise-1A few days ago I hit ‘go’ on a list of 101 things I want to accomplish in the next 1001 days (about 2.75 years). I briefly mention on my 101 in 1001 page what inspired the list, but I wanted to further explain why I’ve chosen this particular format for my goals and why I’ve started this list now.

I will start by saying that 101 things is actually a lot! It took me some time (like, a few weeks) to complete my list, and during that time I found I often had it in the back of my mind. This in itself was a great exercise, in that as I went about my daily activities I would be assessing them against my desires for 2.75 years from now, and getting inspiration for goals accordingly. This led to some of my loftier goals – for example, there are quite a few things on my list that Hayden and I want to do at Wonderview, in preparation for our aim of eventually having enough flexibility to spend more time there.

There are some overarching themes to the list. Goals around celebrating came up enough that I created a whole category for it! That’s a really important one for me. I am a highly future-focused person, I’m somewhat impatient, and I push myself to achieve – but without ever really stopping to appreciate what I have already achieved. In 1001 days, I want to feel like I’ve not only been successful in my aims, but that I’ve enjoyed my success and the success of those around me.


Some of the goals are things that have to be done anyway – I mean, Amelie has to start primary school in just under two years, so it’s vital we find a school for her! However, it’s on there because it’s important to Hayden and me that we find the right school for her; one where she’ll thrive and be challenged. Just because it has to be done doesn’t mean it isn’t a goal!

I think the most challenging goal for me personally will be either finding a way to play tennis regularly or meditating every day for a week. Writing them down they don’t seem challenging at all! But they both require me to take time away from my family, even if just briefly, and do something that is just for me. I’ve been known to struggle with that, even though I know that when I do it I end up being a better wife and mother, as well as just a generally nicer person!

Right now I think the most challenging goal for us as a family will be visiting Europe. I’m not entirely sure how we’ll find the time for that…going to Europe means spending a minimum of 24 hours on a plane each way! I’d really love to go visit our friends and family in England again though, and take Amelie to see Paris. She’s obsessed with Madeline and has a healthy predilection for croissants. It seems only fair that she gets to visit France sooner rather than later!


The goals I think will be easiest to achieve are any of those in the Auckland and Mangawhai categories. They’re mainly about exploring those areas and that’s something I naturally gravitate towards anyway. I did think I should put down ‘buy a steamer’ as the simplest, as I technically could do that in the next five minutes, but the whole reason it makes it into the 101 list is because I’ve found it weirdly challenging in the past. It’s a clothes steamer, it’s no big deal! But for some reason it feels important to me that I buy the right one. Hopefully I’ll find the time and/or motivation in the next 2.75 years to do some arbitrary research and just buy a steamer already.

Every six months I’ll do a post with an update on how it’s going! In between I’ll regularly cross off what I’ve achieved on my 101 in 1001 page, so you can keep up with our activities there too. I’m super-excited about this!

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