101 in 1001

Welcome to 101 in 1001! This list, inspired by Mackenzie Horan, is made up of 101 things I want to accomplish in the next 1001 days. I’ll cross them off as I achieve them. I’m looking forward to sharing them with you as we go! I shared a little bit more here about why I’m doing this, and I’ll share updates here as I publish them as well!

Start date: 15 November 2019

End date: 12 August 2022


  1. Hike up Rangitoto
  2. Eat in five new-to-me places
  3. Go strawberry picking
  4. Take Amelie to Waiake and hunt in the rock pools
  5. Visit Tawharanui again
  6. Go to the ASB Classic
  7. Visit five different farmers markets
  8. Buy no fresh food from the supermarket for a month
  9. Attend a public lecture
  10. Go to a gallery opening
  11. Visit Man O’War winery


  1. Visit Brooke Lane winery
  2. Go to Music in the Vines at Te Whai Bay
  3. Visit Te Arai, Mangawhai Heads and Waipu beaches
  4. Visit Lake Tomarata
  5. Hike to the waterfalls off King Road
  6. Visit three new-to-me restaurants in the area
  7. Visit two new-to-me stores in the area


  1. Travel to five places I haven’t yet been to as an adult
  2. Visit Europe
  3. Go back to Hawaii
  4. Visit somewhere in Australia again
  5. Have a break with Hayden and without Amelie
  6. Take Amelie skiing
  7. Spend a weekend in Mount Maunganui
  8. Visit three new-to-me beaches in New Zealand
  9. Stay somewhere blow-your-mind amazing


  1. Launch The Judd Crew
  2. Make something for our home
  3. Sew new cushion covers
  4. Learn Luminar
  5. Learn calligraphy
  6. Update the 101 in 1001 list with a blog post every six months


  1. Finish our bedroom decor in the city
  2. Find a new console for Wonderview
  3. Plan the re-do of the living room at Wonderview
  4. Start planting out the orchard at Wonderview
  5. Plant around the parking area at Wonderview
  6. Decorate bathroom at Wonderview
  7. Wallpaper pantry at Wonderview
  8. Find a good bed solution for Amelie at Wonderview
  9. Plan the re-do of the dining area at Wonderview
  10. Buy a steamer
  11. Clean out closet
  12. Add to the gallery wall in the city
  13. Clean out closet at Wonderview and make it more liveable for us


  1. Celebrate finishing my MPP
  2. Celebrate our 10-year wedding anniversary with something special
  3. Celebrate Christmas in Mangawhai
  4. Send Christmas cards out to family and friends – 2019, 2020, 2021
  5. Start planning our 40th birthdays
  6. Celebrate the first year of Hayden’s business
  7. Celebrate Amelie’s birthdays with our usual traditions
  8. Celebrate Amelie finishing pre-school and starting ‘big school’
  9. Do our usual Christmas traditions each year – 2019, 2020, 2021
  10. Create a mid-year celebration to brighten winter
  11. Celebrate my graduation as a Master of Public Policy


  1. Cook a three course dinner entirely from Gjelina
  2. Cook a three course dinner entirely from Plenty
  3. Cook a three course dinner entirely from Nopalito
  4. Cook a three course dinner entirely from Ripe
  5. Cook a three course dinner entirely from my French cookbook
  6. Cook with five ingredients I’ve never used before
  7. Make five different types of bread
  8. Master a good pizza crust
  9. Do three seafood experiments
  10. Make crème brûlée
  11. Make Christmas cookies with Amelie – 2019, 2020, 2021


  1. Do another family photo shoot
  2. Choose a school for Amelie
  3. Sign Amelie up for ballet lessons
  4. Take Amelie to see The Nutcracker
  5. Frame some more family photos for display
  6. Make photo books for Amelie – 2019, 2020, 2021
  7. Find an opportunity to volunteer together

Fitness and sport

  1. Do a half marathon
  2. Find good yoga classes to attend regularly
  3. Find a way to play tennis regularly in the summer
  4. Go sailing five times with my family
  5. Do a learn to sail course
  6. Do the Round the Bays run
  7. Try three new activities or classes


  1. Do a London museum learning blitz
  2. Do a New York museum learning blitz
  3. Do an LA museum learning blitz
  4. Do an Amsterdam museum learning blitz
  5. Learn Github
  6. Learn more about analytics
  7. Learn more about SEO
  8. Learn more about UX

Future success

  1. Bring overseas retirement funds back to New Zealand
  2. Unsubscribe from marketing emails every six months
  3. Have two ‘buy nothing new’ three month periods
  4. Read 100 new-to-me books
  5. Keep a gratitude journal for a month
  6. Meditate every day for a week
  7. Only shop within my personal style


  1. Learn the Māori words for the New Zealand national anthem off by heart
  2. Learn the stories behind the places that have meaning for my family – Waiake, Tawharanui, Whananaki, Mangawhai
  3. Take action to support the arts in New Zealand
  4. Visit five different galleries or museums