Welcome to The Judd Crew!

A man, a woman and a toddler smiling

The Judd Crew is made up of me (Hayley), my husband Hayden and our daughter Amelie. After meeting in our early 20s, Hayden and I went travelling separately before finding each other again in London. We lived in London for a few years, then moved to New York for a few more years, and eventually returned to my hometown of Auckland, New Zealand. Along the way we visited some amazing places, made some fantastic friends, and adopted a sweet, slightly crotchety cat called Cupertino. Over the years, we’ve learned to sail along smoothly together and have even introduced our new little crewmate!


We now divide our time between an apartment in uptown Auckland and a country house about 1.5 hours north in Mangawhai. We are very lucky to enjoy a beautiful, relaxed lifestyle in two very gorgeous places! We love travelling, and we get away whenever possible. Celebrating our family and friends, living well, working to keep building a life we love, raising a kind, thoughtful child/future adult, and doing our best to leave the world a better place are the things that matter most to us.


The Judd Crew is a lifestyle blog about the things we love – our family, our friends, and the places and experiences that mean a lot to us. It’s where I get to share our life with you, from the big celebrations to the small joyous moments, and everything in between. It’s our family diary; a repository of our memories and everyday life that I hope will one day provide us with a way to look back on a life well-lived. I’m so pleased to have you here. Welcome!