Taking time

A little note to explain my absence – The bad news I received back in October fully landed in December with a deafening thud and the death of my father. It was far too early and it came after a rollercoaster few months and it has left me incredibly, incredibly sad. I have been meaning … Continue reading Taking time

Five Things in September AND Five Things in October

Welcome to the omnibus edition of Five Things! I didn't mean not to publish September back when it was actually relevant. I got some terrible news at the beginning of October and have found myself all but incapable of writing since, especially about silly little things such as movies and podcasts and skincare products. Sometimes … Continue reading Five Things in September AND Five Things in October

Life Lately

Hello! How are you all going? This is just a quick old-fashioned blog post showing life lately (at least according to my camera roll). We haven’t been up to anything particularly exciting but even the little moments are deserving of photos. Take a look at what our last month or so has been like, if … Continue reading Life Lately