Wonderview update: progress on the country house

Hiiiiiiii and welcome to this very overdue update! Remember how I mentioned a few months ago that I would put together a post or two about the projects we’d completed at Wonderview in the first six months of my 101 in 1001 list? Yeah weeeeelllllllll. Here we are.

I definitely meant to write this sooner, and I’ve been sitting on most of these photos for ages! I also wanted to wait for some things to be in place though – like our new dining table for example; we bought it many, many months ago but when it eventually arrived it was damaged, so we had to send it back to the maker to have it sanded back and resurfaced, and it took months! It’s only so much fun confirming that we have, in fact, planned (and finished) the re-do of the dining area without showing you some photos of what that looks like.

We also just kept doing more and more projects. This house is another job for both of us, seriously. I love it of course but we seem completely unable to just sit still! A huge part of that has been the process of transitioning it from a holiday home to a permanent home. It’s fascinating how different your needs for a space become when you live in it, as opposed to spending weekends in it – and of course, we’ve all spent more time than ever in our houses this year!

All that left me kind of lost as to what to include in this post…but I got there. Most of this progress was either completed prior to my last six month update, or not long after. There’ll be a bunch more to report on in my next six month update, which is due in November, so I guess I might be publishing that post in…April, if current trends continue? Jk jk, I can’t live with that sort of shame again.

Anyway, without further ado, here is our progress update! Goals #35 and #42 were completed in one fell swoop during lockdown one, when we found and ordered the most beautiful dining table online from a store called Corcovado. They couldn’t get it to us until lockdown was over, and we couldn’t go see it in person of course, but they were so helpful! I’ve already mentioned the damage when it was delivered – the fault of the delivery people, not Corcovado – and they were really good in that situation also.

Our dining chairs came from there also, as did our new console…

As you can see, it’s not a console at all! We found and loved this cocktail cabinet instead, and actually, it’s a lot more practical for the space. We keep our wine and cocktail glasses, accoutrements, and some spirits in there.

We also, a while ago, found a good bed solution for Amelie up here (goal #41). So the story behind this…it used to be that Amelie slept in a cot in the spare room, which also had a king size bed in it. When she was a toddler we took the side off the cot, but by the end of last year, she was really outgrowing it. We wanted to put a bed in there for her, but we didn’t want to take the king size bed out (because of course, it was a weekend home then and we wanted room for friends, etc!). I also didn’t want it just to look like an afterthought, with a room crammed full of beds. And we didn’t have heaps of room in there, because we wanted to keep a decent amount of space between the foot of the big bed and her bed.

Cue, the daybed! During the day we’d have it styled like a sofa…

…and at night we’d make it up as a bed for Amelie. This worked great for a few months! And then we moved up here and brought Amelie’s other bed with us. Now, the king bed lives in a different home and this room is 100% Amelie’s. The daybed lives outside, on the west deck (it’s actually a piece of outdoor furniture, as we couldn’t find what I wanted as an indoor piece). It’s proving to be the perfect spot to lie with a book in the evening sun, as I found out exactly one week ago (hooray for daylight savings!)

Last but not least for this post (and these updates – like I said, full time job!) is our wardrobes. This was goal #46 – clean out the closet at Wonderview and make it more liveable for us. Obviously, when we moved up here that became even more vital.

We tore out the old shelves in the wardrobes, smoothed over the damaged walls with putty, sanded them back, then painted them a really pretty light blue colour, before fitting the insides. We got the interior systems from a company not so far from here, and they are great! The installation of them was not too difficult. Neither Hayden nor I are particularly handy but we managed these on our own, and if they’re maybe ever so slightly wonky, I’d blame us, not the company. They’re great quality and look lovely. And they work so well! Is there any more satisfying feeling than a well-organised wardrobe?

A few photos of the process are below, and one of the finished product…kinda. You know what is really hard to take photos of? Wardrobe interiors! I’ll get some more for you all though, especially now that I have also completed goal #44 (clean out closet – as in rationalise my clothes) in recent months!

That’s it for now – but yay for finally getting this written up. More coming post-November! Hopefully just a little post-November, that is. 😉 À bientôt!

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