Welcome 2020!


Happy New Year! How were your celebrations? Are you excited for 2020?

31 December is our wedding anniversary, so we usually prioritise that over any New Year festivities…but I felt like 2020 needed a proper welcome! Our friends invited us around for a barbecue and said we could take off whenever we liked, so we went next level on them and invited ourselves to stay the night. They have a son Amelie’s age, so we gave the kids dinner and put them to bed (then put them back to bed, then put them back to bed again…it was their first sleepover and they were both very excited!)


The adults ate a late-ish dinner, had a few drinks, played some card games then headed out onto the balcony to see the fireworks over the city at midnight. It was a low-key evening with lots of fun and full of laughter, and that felt like the perfect way to see in the new year.


In the morning, we made pancakes and coffee and enjoyed a fairly lazy morning with our friends before packing our things up and heading back to our place for the rest of the day. We were rather exhausted – staying up until midnight is not our norm! – but it was all well worth it.

I’m welcoming 2020 with open arms and looking forward to great things happening this year, so I’m happy to feel that the Judd Crew has kicked things off on the right foot!

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