Heading home

If you follow me on Instagram, you may already know this from my Stories – but if not, here’s some exciting news for you. The Judd Crew is heading on home to Auckland!

This decision has, I think, been a long time coming – but when it came to the crunch it happened reeeallly quickly. Like a matter of days between deciding it was the right time for us to return to the city and putting an offer on a house. What can I say – when we know something is right we go for it!

A lot has led up to this moment but the clinching factor for us was taking a good hard look at how we were living and how we want to live. We are city people at heart – we love being able to get around easily without driving; we love (love) great food and interesting food; we adore spending time at art galleries and museums and the ballet and the theatre. For us, the options and opportunities provided by city living are what we need to be able to lead fulfilling lives and raise Amelie in the manner we want to, and that best suits all three of us.

There is more to come (so much more to come!) – I am very excited about our new house and only quite daunted by how much there is to do to it (I finally get my project house); I’m looking forward to expanding on what a good life looks like for us at this point in time, and how we continue to work to build that; and we’re very lucky in that we are keeping the country house, so it’ll be a return to the ‘town and country’ tag on this blog, and a fun look at splitting our time between the two places. For now, though, we’ll leave it at à bientôt! x

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