Best of 2022

2022 was a much quieter blogging year for me than 2021 – considering I didn’t blog at all for the last few months of the year I, for one, am not surprised! My lack of activity is shown in the stats – everything on the bar graph for 2022 is a lot smaller than the previous few years. Lucky I don’t blog for the stats (or the money or the fame 😂 – when I say this blog is about sharing our lives and acting as a family diary, I mean it!). However, I did dig into the numbers to round up what last year looked like. Here it is folks – the best of 2022 for the Judd Crew!

Most-read post

Some exciting house news

I feel supported! Thank you to everyone who was interested in what was going on with the country house. I love knowing this post was the most read of the year – first of all, I feel like it’s genuine interest rather than SEO because nobody is googling “a stranger’s exciting house news” (I hope), and second of all, I really, really love blogging about house updates, interior design and house styling, along with life updates that are a great snapshot in time of how we’re living. Like reading this post back makes me laugh because…oh boy. I talk at the end of that post about waiting and yes, that has happened. Anyway, I definitely owe another house update, but on top of that, I’m inspired to write more about how I design and style my habitat – is that something you’d all be keen to read?

Most popular link

Instagram! That’s funny, considering I deleted the app multiple times last year. I did create a proper Judd Crew account last year, though, and who knows, maybe this is the year I spend more time on it. Don’t expect any reels though, I am strictly a grid gal. After Instagram, you all loved Ann Mashburn (who doesn’t though?! Still one of my faves!), and then Pinterest. Ah Pinterest! I still love it and am using it avidly these days, probably more than Instagram I think. Anyone else?

Most popular Instagram post

We live in paradise, nbd.

Still true, although sorry for the not-so-humble brag.

My favourite post

Ten things. Because there’s some major foreshadowing that now makes me laugh. I also like the relatively unstructured format. And I love when other bloggers do these types of posts too! I mention Kelly in the City in the post as my source of inspiration for the format, and Carly does them every so often also. They’re great, like a return to old school blogging. I know many other bloggers have their blogs as their main source of income and therefore need the money from sponsorships and affiliate links (and I fully support that, I know how much work it would be to run one of these things as a full-time gig and they deserve to get paid!) but I do love it when I feel like I’m reading or writing a blog back in 2012, wearing a bubble necklace and a stack of bangles.

My readers are mostly from…

New Zealand – not too surprising! And then the USA, followed by the UK. So basically my blog is most read by people in countries that I either live in or used to live in – that checks out.

Most popular time to read The Judd Crew

1am on a Friday! I either have a lot of night owl followers or those people reading the blog from the USA and the UK are finding it’s just right for a Friday lunchtime read in their time.

So there you have it – the best of 2022 for The Judd Crew! Anything surprising to you? And what do you want to see this year? Let me know in the comments – I’d really love to know!

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