What I ended up buying for spring

Hiii!!! How are you all? Can you believe it’s already the end of October?!

With only one month left of spring I thought I’d share what I ended up buying for it. I didn’t get too much – as I noted last time, I already had jeans, t-shirts, and plenty of striped shirts! I actually did want to buy a new pair of jeans but I couldn’t find any I loved, so never mind! What I have now works well enough.

I did, however, get this navy linen shirt, which I now wear all the time. It’s super versatile, and somehow never looks too casual or too formal. Plus I love navy!

I also bought a couple of new dresses, including this one from Boden, which is insanely comfortable. It’s basically a t-shirt dress, but with a slightly more defined waistline than most. I don’t often wear prints but I really liked this blue flower print, and – being blue – it wasn’t too out there for me! Any other colour and I don’t think I’d wear it, haha.

The second new dress is actually only new to me; I bought it off someone who lives up here in Mangawhai and has been slowly doing a closet clearout on Instagram. I don’t have the patience for secondhand shopping (this is one of the things I’d most like to change about myself, by the way) but even I can handle a closet clearout on Instagram – following people with similar taste to yourself, and who are around your size, makes it super simple.

I bought a couple of hair accessories – a headband, and a hair tie that looks like a silk scarf when it’s in – and have just about managed to hang on to them (Amelie is in love and is playing a long game in trying to move both of them from my room to her own).

Dressing up a classic jeans/tee/blazer combo!

And finally, and definitely the most important, is my new denim jacket! I haven’t owned a denim jacket since I was a teenager and um, why?! I have no idea but I have regrets about that lack. I wear it all the time, with everything (as seen above as well!) It’s the perfect weight – it makes dresses, t-shirts, etc. viable to wear even on slightly cooler spring days, and has meant that I can wear a lot of my summer clothes right throughout spring. Plus, I love how it looks! It is honestly the best addition to my wardrobe, and if I had only been able to buy one thing this spring, this would have to be it.

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