Amelie turns four!

We have a four year old! Um, where does the time go again?!

We celebrated Amelie’s fourth birthday with a small party up at Wonderview. It was such a brilliant day! We enjoyed absolutely beautiful weather, meaning we could spend the whole time outside. We set up the east deck for food and conversation…

…and put a bouncy castle on the lawn! We hired this for the day and I can safely say it was worth every cent. Whenever the kids weren’t eating or playing one of the organised party games they were in and out of it – I thought I had snapped this pic in a rare moment of calm only to later realise Amelie was in it! Stealth birthday girl.

We had a treasure hunt, and a bunch of the prizes hidden around the place were these little water squirters. BEST IDEA EVER. Once all the kids had found them we filled a bucket with water and there was a lengthy father-child water fight out on the front lawn.

Once everyone had finished eating and playing it was time for the cake! This beautiful sprinkles cake was made by the lovely Sophie at Bake Shop Mangawhai. Amelie loves rainbow-coloured everything and she especially loves sprinkles…it was the perfect cake for her!
So much excitement!
Waving out the candles instead of blowing them out, because really, how did it take a global pandemic for us to realise how gross it is to blow out candles?!
Yes, Amelie changed her dress halfway through the party…she said it was because her other one was wet from the water fight but she would have found any excuse, tbh.

So much anticipation! This last photo is Amelie with her cousin and her best friend. Isn’t it the cutest?! Turning four is a very big deal…I’m so glad we were able to have such a lovely day of celebrations!

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