Inspiration for spring

So! This post has been a while in the making…I’ve been trying to write it for nearly a week now. Last Tuesday night, the crushing news came in that the coronavirus had made a highly unwelcome return to our country, as in, out in the community, not in managed isolation or quarantine. Three days later, there were over 30 new cases connected to that first one. This thing moves fast.

I spent a few days down in the dumps, completely unable to focus, but a glorious weekend helped significantly, and got me excited for spring again! Who knows what spring will look like?! But in the interests of controlling your controllable and all that, I can at least know what I will look like. I am weirdly excited about shopping for spring, actually. I have faith that New Zealand will eliminate coronavirus again and we’ll be able to resume a cautious normality.

That said, I’m not doing any shopping just yet! One of my 101 in 1001 goals is to only shop for my personal style, and to achieve this I’m making sure I plan out how I want to look this spring, consider what I already have that fits with that, and then work out what I need to fill any gaps.

Inspiration: Julia Berolzheimer via Pinterest

I’ve been doing a bunch of pinning and I think I have a good overview now of how I want to dress this spring. All the usuals for me are there – jeans, t-shirts, blue everything, and stripes, of course (as seen here and here and here and here…stripes are definitely my thing)! BUT I’m also seeing some soft, springlike vibes creeping in…floral dresses, headbands, pretty tops…and a few nods to comfort, like lots of t-shirt dresses (look, there is still a pandemic, we still spend a decent amount of time at home!). I’m excited to start wearing my summer dresses asap, and am liking the idea of making them more spring-appropriate with a denim jacket and sneakers. I’m also excited to bust out my white jeans again, although realistically, spring tends to be pretty rainy here so who knows how much of a good idea that might actually turn out to be.

Here are a few of my favourite looks, and you can check out my whole spring board on Pinterest, if you like.

Inspiration: Hello Fashion via Pinterest
Inspiration: Emerson Fry via Pinterest
Inspiration: Kelly in the City via Pinterest

Do you plan out your wardrobe each season like this? And how do you do it? I’m very keen to hear any new tips and great ideas! If you’re going into spring, what are you excited to wear? And if you’re going into autumn, I’m sorry (haha, obvs not really as autumn is great, but it does inevitably lead to winter and you all know my thoughts on winter).

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