Some favourite photos from Mother’s Day

Two of my top things from May took place over Mother’s Day weekend. The full lockdown had recently ended and we made the most of our newfound freedom (still highly limited at that time but it felt amazing). We went to the beach for the first time in weeks, and it honestly made my May…the delicious breakfast I got on Sunday definitely helped also. Looking back on the photos makes me so joyful. Look how warm it was! Bliss.

Isn’t our local beach just so stunning?! We are so lucky in Aotearoa.

Amelie is already very keen on getting a ‘surfing board’ of her own.

The next day, Amelie and Hayden made pancakes for our breakfast and I unwrapped my present (a new Kindle, which was incredible! If you know me you know how much I love reading, and this one has a light and is waterproof – hello nighttime spa reading). Isn’t Amelie’s apron cute? Her aunt made it for her!

Teaching her how to use the Nespresso is paying off, although apparently does require the occasional pause to crab walk around the place.

Satisfaction. 💙 Yay for weekends like these!

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