A visit with my parents

Hello! How was your weekend? Ours was lovely and over too soon – aren’t they always?! We were lucky with the weather and got one and a half days of sunshine, and of course we’re lucky with the latest lockdown; being (just) outside of Auckland means we’re able to move a bit more freely than our friends and family down there.

We headed up to Whangarei for the day on Saturday to visit my family. My parents live out in Whangarei Heads – they moved out there from the North Shore of Auckland, where I grew up, a few years ago – so we started off at their place then convoyed down to the beach for a lunch of fish and chips and a play by the shore. Amelie was in heaven. She loves her grandma and granddad so much, and she loves the beach, and she loves playgrounds, and she really loves fish and chips (if she had to choose her favourite out of the aforementioned loves I’m concerned how highly fish and chips might rank).

My brother and his son joined us also. Our nephew – Amelie’s cousin – is almost exactly nine months younger than her, and Amelie adores him. He in turn thinks the world of Amelie but also seems slightly awed by her. I guess that nine months difference means a lot when you’re only three – maybe she just seems like, so sophisticated to him?

Anyway, we had a lovely time running around my parents’ section then running around at the beach, and we got some gorgeous photos – and by we, I mean Hayden. I was too busy chatting with my mother most of the time to even think about grabbing the camera, so I’m so grateful to Hayden for capturing these! Here’s a selection of some of them – a small selection, believe it or not…

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