Five things in June

This June has been a quiet, cosy month. We haven’t done a whole lot, but as we’ve all been learning this year, there’s a surprising amount of joy in the everyday! We spent most of the month in the country, adjusting to our new normal, with a few short city visits thrown in. The month went really quickly (when do they not these days, right?!). Here’s a few standout moments from the last month…

1. Running by the beach

I found that if I start at one end of the estuary, run along the beach then out the other end, up over the hill and down to the surf beach, I hit 2.5km exactly at the top of this large rock formation at the top of the dunes leading down to the beach. I can stop there for a breather while I admire the ocean, then head back the same way. By the time I’m at my car I’ve done a casual 5km and I’m ready to tip the sand out of my shoes and head home again. I love it. It’s the perfect quick weekday run.

2. A very little bit of gardening

Amelie and I planted bulbs in pots towards the beginning of the month. I did it with the intention of enjoying some spring flowers but two of the three pots started sprouting mere weeks later. We planted tulips, anemones and ranunculus and I think we’re seeing the beginnings of the anemones and ranunculus. Who really knows though (no, of course I didn’t label them or remember what planted where). Either I didn’t plant the bulbs deep enough or it’s just been warmer than usual and the poor bulbs are confused. They’re looking pretty already though! I’m excited to see what happens over the next couple of months.

3. Fancy ice cream. Also, cheap ice cream.

Hayden and I always eat far more ice cream in winter than we do in summer. Yes it’s weird. In summer we’re more likely to get an ice cream as a treat while we’re out, but in winter we tend to have it in the house. Anyway, as of late we’ve been striving to have a tub of Tip Top Hokey Pokey ready to go at anytime – Hayden makes an amazing apple crumble and it’s always good to have some ice cream alongside that. BUT I’ve also been sporadically buying Duck Island ice cream because those flavours get me every time *shrug emoji*. My favourite so far is Coconut Caramel Sesame Chocolate Peanuts…yeah. Enough said. But Tip Top Hokey Pokey is also very good! Especially with Hayden’s apple crumble. In short, ice cream is excellent and I’m glad to live in a world where it exists.

4. Crisp, cold, clear mornings

So cold. And so beautiful. I will never get over how stunning this country is.

5. Environmentally-friendlier milk

We’ve started buying Bella Vacca milk from the local butcher. It comes in glass bottles, and when you’ve finished one, you rinse it out and swap it for a new one full of milk (well, you swap it and some cash – it still costs money!) The used one goes back for cleaning and sterilisation, then they re-use it. I love that we’re not putting milk bottles in the recycling anymore – and the milk itself is great. If only they’d do the same for wine and beer now!

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