The uptown apartment, as it was

We walked through our city apartment with our new tenants last week! They seem lovely and I’m so glad they’re moving in. Before the walkthrough, I wondered if I’d feel possessive or concerned about handing our precious apartment over to someone else to live in – after all, it was our home for two years, and we waited for two years prior to that for it to be completed! I’m happy and relieved to report that I felt nothing like that, though. I was just excited for this lovely couple to make it their home. They seem pretty excited themselves – yay!

It is a beautiful apartment, there’s no doubt about that, but I felt somewhat detached from it. It probably helps that we have moved all our things out so it didn’t feel like home anymore. I’m sure it also helps that we’re so happy up in the country!

That said, I was and still am really proud of what we did with the place when we were living there. We turned it into such a lovely, vibrant place for our little family, and I have so many happy memories of the parties, dinners, and family fun times we had there. It wasn’t a huge space but we made it work so incredibly well for us.

There are some things I would have eventually changed, had we continued to live there – like the sconces in the bedrooms, for example, and I wanted to wallpaper our bedroom in a very pale pink grasscloth. Guess I’ll just have to transfer my interior decorating attentions to the country house…(hahaha, you know I have well and truly done that and planned it out for years to come already!)

Here are some photos of the apartment, if you’re wanting to take a look!

Entryway, looking into hallway.
Looking down the hallway from the living area.
Living area and kitchen.
LOVE these chairs. Vintage, bought online…there was no way I was going to give them up!
Kitchen. The table also functioned as a food prep space, which was brilliant.
Master bedroom.
Amelie’s bedroom.
Amelie’s bedroom.
Looking outside to our balcony from the living area.
The outside balcony.
Outside looking in.

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