The last weekend of winter

In keeping with the traditions of 2020 and 2021, the last weekend of winter has been and it was just stunningly gorgeous weather. It is such a lovely reminder of spring being literally just around the corner.

Unlike in years past though, this weekend we didn’t get out for outside family time. Plenty of outside time but not so much as a family! Amelie went to a birthday party on the Saturday, then to her grandparents for the rest of the weekend. And what did we do? Well…

I wore a crop top…eek! This is the prettiest top and I love it so much with high waisted jeans. Couldn’t believe it was warm enough to wear it!
Amelie having a great time (and expending a lot of energy!) at a friend’s birthday party.
We cleaned up the pool area to get it ready for swimming season, and put down a crisp new outdoor rug under the loungers.
It brightens up the area so much!
Bring on swimming season.
There is a little place in the village that has the most beautiful farm flowers…
In weeks when the cleaner can’t come and we have to try to fit the cleaning in ourselves (such as this one!) I like to buy fresh flowers to finish it off. 🌸
And the thing of which we’re proudest – we rearranged Amelie’s room and added this cute pink sofa for reading on!
Amelie was so delighted when she came home and saw it. 😍

As well as all that, I went for two runs (one speed intervals, one 10k distance), Hayden went for a big bike ride, we watched a movie together, and we read the NY Times with coffee and croissants on Sunday morning. There is so much time when you’ve only got yourself to worry about! Butttt we missed Amelie so much and we were so happy to see her again (even after just a weekend, yes…ah parenthood).

It was such a satisfying weekend. I am feeling very prepared and ready for spring!

One thought on “The last weekend of winter

  1. All looks so lovely ! Great photos! Hey are you guys still going to Fiji sometime ? Xx Did it work smiling while you run? More enjoyable !?

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