Life Lately

Hello! How are you all going?

This is just a quick old-fashioned blog post showing life lately (at least according to my camera roll). We haven’t been up to anything particularly exciting but even the little moments are deserving of photos. Take a look at what our last month or so has been like, if you like…!

One more from Queenstown! This is on the deck of our hotel on our last morning there. Such a stunning place!
I think I take a photo like this every year. Love love love when these magnolias are in bloom. It’s such a good feeling, knowing that winter is on its way out!
We needed new coffee cups and we’ve been on the search all year. This is a photo of the eventual winner, taken on the store while I was out shopping by myself. We got them from Tony Sly and I love them so much!
We’ve had some phenomenal storms and some phenomenal sunshine. This was one of the sunny days. I feel like our garden is going to absolutely go bananas this spring with all the rain and sun!
T-shirts in the middle of winter…why not?! The winterless north, they call it, and some days it’s true. P.S. LOOK AT THAT PUPPY 😍
Amelie’s new poncho from her grandma in action early one morning.
An Amelie special! She’s like me…the sun comes out and all she wants to do is capture it. So looking forward to breakfasts out here in this spring and summer!
A winter outfit! This was another warm sunny day I guess. You’ll note my stripes are green…apparently this is what I buy now. Oh and I cut my hair much shorter!

It’s so nice remembering all these little moments! It’s a good reminder to take more photos, even when it’s of something no more exciting than a bit of sunshine. Do you take photos of anything and everything? What’s your favourite photo in your camera roll from the last few weeks?

One thought on “Life Lately

  1. Thanks for sharingHayley….. summer has been here…. Mid 20s in weekend ! You are looking great….. love the green and the hair ….. Must be all the running ! Hugs L

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