May finds

Hello and welcome to the first month of my three-month long no-shopping stint…in which I write about the things I want to buy. This is a slightly awkward post, I have to admit. On the one hand I’m like look at all this cool stuff I want! And on the other hand I’m like but I’m not shopping right now.

Although like with all good things, there are exceptions. I’ll be writing a post about how I do my no-shopping stints in the hope that there’ll be some good tips in there for anyone who wants to try it, but spoiler! I do allow myself to buy some things during the stint. I’m allowed to replace things if I need them, and if I actually do need something I can buy it. As an example, I bought myself some new socks and tights the other day. I’m not going to wander around with holes in my socks and freezing cold legs because of my own arbitrary rules, but nor am I going to break those rules if there’s something I don’t need.

So this month’s kind of a grab-bag. I’ve been looking at exercise gear! And while there’s a lot in here that definitely resides in the ‘want not need’ category, there’s some other stuff that I would argue is a need, because without it it’s that much harder to work out (and working out is definitely a need for me). So you be the judge! And you’re very welcome to judge me if you so want. Just do it quietly, in your space, and I’ll continue to live my life over here in my space, and we’ll all be happy (I’ll be particularly happy because I won’t be freezing my tush off just trying to get outside for a bit of fresh air and exercise).

First up, the truth – I bought these leggings you see below. Two pairs. It is getting cold here, and even convincing myself to do yoga inside my house in my cropped leggings was becoming a challenge, let alone convincing myself to head outside for a run in the same. So I ordered these full length leggings from Aerie and I’m super pleased with them! They’re so comfortable, really good quality, fit nicely, and they keep my lower calves warm. Also, they’re so well priced! I thought I was getting a deal but they’ve got even cheaper since then. Well worth it!

Aerie OG high-waisted leggings

The downside is that they’re definitely more for activities like yoga or even just lounging, as I realised today when I went looking for a pocket for my car keys and discovered/remembered there wasn’t one. I like to take very little on my runs with me and am used to tucking my car keys into a waistband pocket. Not such a problem for me because I do have a waist belt for my phone, which could also take my keys, but something to keep in mind if you do need your pants to sometimes hold things (besides you that is). There’s also nowhere to put your phone! Which is only an issue if you think carrying your phone in a pants pocket when you’re working out makes sense, and surely nobody actually does that? Phones are too big, leggings are too tight, in my opinion. But all the same, a waistband pocket on these wouldn’t go astray.

L-R: Lorna Jane long sleeve top; Lorna Jane half-zip top

I do want some long-sleeved workout tops. I don’t have a great system going on right now. To do yoga, I usually start off in a sweatshirt which I pull off halfway through once I’ve warmed up, but it’s kind of annoying – all too often it flops around my face when I’m inverted and I find my air supply being cut off, just as Adriene reminds me to breathe. Not the end of the world (I’m a big girl, I can pull my sweatshirt off my face when necessary) but yeah. Kind of annoying.

For running, I need something. Sigh. I don’t even know. Currently I start my runs in a lightweight jacket over a tank top, then I overheat and have to take the jacket off. The tank top isn’t enough (especially to begin with) but the jacket ends up being too much. I’d love a long sleeve top that’s warm and cool at the same time. That’s all I want. That can’t be so hard right? And I don’t want it skintight, but I do want it tight enough that if I use it for yoga as well, it won’t flop around or fall over my face.

L-R: Lululemon top; Nike long sleeve top; Lululemon wrap top

These Lorna Jane and Nike tops seem good. My favourite is the Lorna Jane white half-zip. The Lululemon ones are kind of cute? I guess? They don’t really look like they’d do anything I need them to, to be honest, and also (and this is so mean I know) I find the images to be so off-putting. I don’t blame the models! I’m sure they were only following the creative direction of the photographer. But exercise is meant to be fun! And they both look so angry! Why are they angry? Is there something wrong with the top?

These are the questions I ask.

At the end of the day, the Nike top would probably be the most sensible choice, but I don’t love the colours it comes in. So that’s that, really.

Tuckernuck green chintz top and leggings

I LOVE THIS. Seriously, Tuckernuck can do no wrong in my books (except the major thing they do wrong, in not delivering to New Zealand, meaning I have to use YouShop if I want anything from them…but I know it’s hard, especially for smaller companies.)

This set is from the new Tuckernuck Sport line, and I certainly do not need it, and the more observant amongst you will note that I’ve been complaining about how cold it is here for this whole post, and yet I am sharing a picture of a sleeveless crop top…but I do not care. It is beautiful and the model looks like she’s actually having a good time and I want to run a race in this! Or go to a yoga or barre class. This set is too pretty to be confined to my at-home workouts.

L-R: Tuckernuck tennis dress; Tuckernuck tennis skirt

Also from Tuckernuck Sport are these cute tennis outfits. I haven’t played tennis in well over a month (it really hasn’t stopped raining for long enough and the courts will be sodden, I’m concerned I’d get trench foot) but I can plan for next spring! I just love the vibe of these outfits so much, and even though I know my current tennis skirt is so much more practical – the dress pictured here has no inbuilt shorts, and the skirt has shorts but no ball pocket – I want to play tennis in these outfits. I’m convinced I’d immediately be a better player in them.

Tuckernuck is SO GOOD at making me not only want to buy their clothes, but to also live their lifestyle. Other sporting brands could learn a thing or two from them (looking at you, Lululemon!). 

But for now, I’m not playing tennis in the sun, I’m just trying to stay warm in the rain and keep my exercise levels up, and that’s the important thing. The no-shopping stint will survive another day/online browsing binge!

Hoping for sunny weather and awesome exercise (and exercise gear!) for you all. Thank you for reading!

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