April finds

Some stuff I actually bought!

I feel like a large amount of the joy I get from my monthly finds is in the fact that more often than not, I do not buy anything. I go down these rabbit holes and greatly enjoy finding the perfect whatever, without any pressure to immediately make a purchase. I know I can’t be the only one out there who just enjoys browsing their options when the idea that you need, say, a butter dish enters one’s mind!

That said, sometimes you just need to buy some things. This autumn, for example, I identified a few things I wanted after I put together my seasonal style inspiration, and I’ve steadily chipped away at the list since. I still have a couple of things I’d like to get but no rush. So without further ado, a special monthly finds showcasing what I actually bought for autumn.

First up, the basics. I needed some new black jeans, so I got these black sateen ones from Country Road. I love them – they’re super comfortable and the fabric is really soft. I also wanted a couple of long sleeve tops to go under some of my jumpers, particularly those made of wool – I have really sensitive skin and it gets so easily irritated! I bought this long sleeve scoop neck top from Gap, and it’s good, but I’d also like to find a v-neck version at some stage.

Speaking of jumpers, I couldn’t go past this striped Teddie sweater from J.Crew Factory. I love the Teddie sweaters. They’re super soft, lightweight, and warm enough over a long-sleeve t-shirt and under a coat for even our coldest days (which admittedly, in Northland, are not all that cold usually). And obviously, stripes are my thing…

Colour is not really my thing most of the time, but this Gap sweater made me so happy when I saw it online! In person, it’s really quite cropped, but it’s still decent (no early 2000s-style stomach on display here). I suspect it’s meant to be worn with high-waisted baggy denim but I just don’t think I have that in me. It works with my regular denim, it’s fine. And I’m getting my weird sudden penchant for (some, limited, very small amounts of) colour in with it. Plus the cable knit detailing is cool. Overall I’m pleased with this, even if I do feel like I’m doing the sartorial equivalent of screaming in a quiet room when I wear it!

This poncho from Tuckernuck is probably my favourite purchase for autumn/winter – I love it! It is the softest (how many things have I referred to as ‘soft’ in this post already? It’s like I’m getting ready to hibernate) and adds so much interest and a certain kind of casual cool to everything (and when I say casual cool, I really mean if other people were wearing it, but bear with me). I can totally see myself wearing it on an airplane for warmth, then striding through the airport with it on, impressing everyone in my wake. If I were flying anywhere, that is (I am not).

The shoes I got from Country Road. It’s been a few years since I last owned a pair of classic black ballet flats, and I am glad to have them back in my wardrobe. Classics are good. The older I get, the more I want them. They’ve also fast become Amelie’s favourites of all my shoes, and she keeps pulling them out and trying to run away with them, so clearly they also have youth appeal.

And finally, something I haven’t yet got but do need! My favourite pair of jeans has developed a hole in the knee, which actually looks quite good but means they have fast become work-unsuitable. I need a new pair of simple, classic denim jeans and both of these from Madewell fit the bill. I love Madewell for denim. A few years back I had a button-fly pair of Madewell jeans that I wore to death (I actually still have them, they’re virtually unwearable but I loved them so much I can’t say goodbye) and I would love to replace them, BUT this zipper fly version are also really nice and perhaps just a touch less casual? They’re the Roadtripper style, which Kelly in the City raves about and which I’m keen to try. I expect to love them – Madewell jeans just work for me – and the price on the Roadtrippers is super good. But I also want my amazing button fly jeans to live again…

I think I need to think about this one a bit more before I take the leap (and in fact I do have to, as I’ve put myself on a buying freeze for the next few months)! So that’s that for now then, but overall I am super satisfied with my April finds for autumn style.

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