Dressing for autumn

I turned the heat on in my car this morning, and as I type, I’m looking out a window at a beautiful, fiery red grapevine, and I am wearing a long sleeve top…

Autumn is here.

It’ll soon be time to rotate the items in my wardrobe to bring the warmer pieces to the front. It’s already been necessary to dress a bit more warmly some days, but autumn tends to get off to a pretty slow start in the north of New Zealand. Last weekend we swam, and I suggested it might be the last swim of the season, but it also might well not be! You never really know when the weather is actually going to change, and even when it does, there’s nothing stopping it from changing back at any moment. It makes for an exciting time. 😉

It also means the wise woman keeps her autumn wardrobe fairly flexible. Long sleeves, but lightweight material – or short sleeves, but heavier material. Jeans that can be rolled up for an ankle reveal if necessary. Closed toe shoes, but no socks if at all possible. And, of course, layers, layers, layers.

My autumn style inspiration this year lends itself really well to practical elements such as these. I love the idea of layering on capes and blazers, or even a striped long-sleeve t-shirt, to add warmth when it’s necessary. Later in the season, I’m into the idea of boots with cosy yet lightweight jumpers. And I will, of course, be wearing copious amounts of denim – mostly blue, but white on those beautiful, crisp, sunny days we get here, and black for a slightly sharper, more pulled together look.

(L-R) Damsel in Dior, Tuckernuck, Emmi Lou Illustrates, Tuckernuck; all via Pinterest

Speaking of being pulled together, one thing I’m finding this year is that autumn is carrying a real back to school vibe. I think it always does to an extent, but this year is the first I’ve noticed it so strongly since I lived in the States. The connection is usually less strong here because schools go back in February, which is still the middle of summer (instead of at the end of summer like they tend to do in America). I don’t know what’s different about this year – maybe it’s because of living in a beach town now? The difference between the summer crowds and the autumn crowds is noticeable, particularly on the weekdays. Anyway, what this all means is that I’m finding myself drawn towards clothes that are really quite tailored compared to what I’ve been wearing all summer. I wonder if it’s also a subconscious reaction towards the (hopefully) imminent end of the pandemic. Life has been a lot more normal here than in most Western countries, but I feel like all of last year was still definitely more casual than not, style-wise that is. It could well have been the influence of other countries. Whatever it might be, this year I find myself admiring things like belts! And collars! And blazers! And – oddly enough – pencil skirts. I have some nice pencil skirts in my wardrobe. I don’t know whether they’re still in fashion but I’ll be wearing them. Look how crisp and elegant they look!

(L-R) My Harlem Home, Tuckernuck, Crystalin Marie, Who What Wear; all via Pinterest

The last thing I want to talk about is colour. As I think might be evident by now, I don’t really wear a lot of colour – blue and occasionally pink are about as wild as it gets over here. But as of late, I’ve been pinning a few images that definitely have other colours in them. Not a lot, but definitely more than one. What can this mean?! I feel confident in saying that I won’t be saying goodbye to my whites, blues and blacks anytime soon, but maybe I’ll branch out a bit? Just a touch? I love the look of these slightly brighter tones. A soft, slouchy, immensely touchable sweater in a saturated tone, combined with a stretchy pair of high waist jeans, seems like an ideal weekend uniform for autumn adventures.

(L-R) Vogue UK, Ellen Claesson, Julia Berolzheimer; all via Pinterest

Check out all my autumn style inspiration on Pinterest.

Let me know what you’re feeling inspired by for the new season (autumn or spring – I have quite a few readers in the northern hemisphere and I care about you too)! Are you at all interested in introducing more tailored styles into your wardrobe also? Or are my visions of our post-pandemic future far too early and optimistic, and belts can continue to languish unloved on the shelves for another year or two?

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