Live in Level 4 lockdown in 35 seconds

A reeeeaaallllly quick post to share how excited I am that New Zealand reported zero – ZERO – new cases of Covid-19 yesterday. In five minutes the 1pm press conference will update us on the numbers over the last 24 hours…I am really hoping for more good news! And that we can keep this up and move out of level 3 into level 2 sometime soon…

2018-05-13 20.47.00

Level 3 has been described as level 4 (which was pretty close to a nationwide lockdown) but with takeout. We’re still up in the country so for us, level 3 is even closer to level 4 than that – we don’t really tend to bother with takeout up here! We thought about going to the beach and getting a takeout coffee over the last weekend, but the weather packed in and we decided we were happy enough with the coffee we’ve got here at home. This pandemic has changed me in many ways but I think my contentment with that decision is the most evident and dramatic by far (as yet anyway…)

I documented a small slice of every day we were in level 4. I’ve put them together to show you a glimpse of what we’ve been up to during this odd time. It’s a rapid 35 seconds but I think it does a good idea of showing you our slow life!

As ever and through this all, I am so grateful for my precious, wonderful bubble. Hope you are all keeping safe and well with your bubbles as well. x

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