Amelie’s third birthday party

We celebrated Amelie’s third birthday over the weekend with a really fun small party for her! We held it in our apartment and invited two of her toddler friends and a few more of our friends. It was so lovely to see everyone and celebrate our lovely little terror!



Our apartment turned out to be a great space for the party – it’s so nice and just amazing how this space flexes to fit our loved ones. The children had a great time sprinting up and down our hallway from Amelie’s bedroom (toys!) to the living room (food!) and back again.


I rather suspect this is the last party we hold for Amelie where we decide on the guest list. She is already talking about what she wants to do, what friends she wants to have over, and what food she wants for her fourth birthday party! Just like her parents, she loves a celebration. Happy birthday Amelie-boo!



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