Queenstown photo diary

We’re back from Queenstown and we had the absolute time of our lives! Managed to pick something up just before we left, or maybe on the flight home, of course, but it’s not COVID so hurray, I guess! And only Hayden and I are unwell so that’s also another small blessing.

Queenstown was a blast. As predicted, we wandered the town, went ice skating, ate some great food, checked out the extremely beautiful surrounds, and went skiing! Oh man the skiing. We have ruined ourselves forevermore – not sure we’ll ever be able to ski in Ruapehu again. We all had so much fun! I even got a run in early one morning and it was absolute bliss running round a quiet Queenstown, surrounded by snow capped mountains. Even Amelie couldn’t get over how beautiful it all was.

Here are a bunch of photos from our trip, if you want to see what we got up to!

Thanks Queenstown, we love you!

4 thoughts on “Queenstown photo diary

  1. It is 90 degrees here today, so it was a little crazy for me to read a post with snow and ice featured in it. Ha, ha! The pics are all beautiful!! It looks like you had a wonderful time. 🙂


      1. 90 degrees is NOT fun!!! Ha, ha! In New England, we don’t hit 90’s a ton, and I can’t remember the last time we saw 100. But we had 90’s every day last week, and we even hit 100 once. No thanks, I’m all set with that! Ha, ha!!

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