A week working on location

We’re staring down the face of the next lot of school holidays (only a few weeks to go, eek!) and once again Hayden and I are starting to think about how we can a) make sure Amelie is being well looked after and having fun, b) make sure we get some work done and c) try to avoid too much screen time.

After a not-entirely-successful go at cobbling it all together in the Christmas school holidays, we made sure we were much more proactive in getting the April holidays sorted. Ideally we would have had a family holiday, but with everyone just getting back into the swing of things after summer, April is never a great time for us to take an extended period off. So we did the next best thing and spent a week working on location.

The location was Takapuna, a beautiful beach suburb with lots of good shopping, restaurants, and life on the North Shore of Auckland. We rented an AirBnB that was walking distance to almost everything we wanted to be close to, enrolled Amelie in an awesome Lego day camp that was on for the week we were there, and proceeded to enjoy a week’s work that almost (almost) felt like a holiday in itself.

We got a heap of work done but more importantly, we had so much fun spending a week living in a different place! When we weren’t working we had a great time exploring the local beaches and walks, getting coffee and meals from the cafes and restaurants around us, catching up with friends and running/cycling in a whole different environment.

If you need a break and can’t take an actual holiday, a week working on location might be the next best thing! We’ll be doing it again for sure – our only limit really is making sure there’s an awesome holiday programme or day camp for Amelie to enjoy so we can work, and otherwise, anywhere works. A change is as good as a rest, after all!

Here are just a few more photos from our fun week in Takapuna, if you want to take a quick peek into our week…(not pictured: the work itself; I promise we did lots!).

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