A long weekend in Taupō

So a long time ago, towards the end of summer, we went to Taupō for a long weekend! And yes, I am only just getting round to sharing the photos now!

I didn’t even think I took that many photos (and I didn’t really, as you’ll see…just a whole heap of sunset photos). The other day though I was going through my phone and I realised there were definitely enough to warrant a quick photo diary.

Because of Covid caution (we went away when cases were spiking throughout New Zealand) we didn’t do all that much, but what we did do was really lovely. We were there with my brother, sister-in-law, and their baby, and we had the nicest time walking, running and cycling by the lake; hanging out on the deck of ourAirBnB; cooking; playing Guess Who with Amelie; and sometimes just reading in companionable silence. Here are a few pics and a few recommendations, if Lake Taupō is ever on your travel list…

Lake Taupō is, of course, a tremendous lake. We were lucky enough to rent a house right on the lakefront and we loved sitting on the deck looking out over the water.

Here is the adorable house we stayed in…it was just gorgeous inside as well!

We waded in the water and it was freezing. I threw myself in after a long run the next day though, and it was magic (after a minute or two).

The sunsets were just incredible.

Swinging with a view! As you can probably tell from the helmet, Amelie abandoned her bike the minute she saw the rope swing. This is along the waterfront path, around Five Mile Bay – this path is an absolute winner for running and cycling.

We ate and had drinks a couple of times at the Two Mile Bay Sailing Club. The atmosphere here was great. Also, apparently a life hack for dining with small children is to bring a baby along and let them play with toys designed for a four month old?! Amelie was very into her cousin’s frog.

How beautiful is this water?!

Ah look a photo together! We’ve got to take more of these.

Am I ashamed to be ending this with not four, not five, but seven sunset photos? I mean yes, a little bit. Am I going to delete any? Not a chance. This place was absolutely magical. We were making plans to return before we’d even left…always a sign of a great break.

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