Micropost: 5 great podcasts

Hi hi! Just popping in really quick to say that I’ve been travelling around a lot recently, by car and by foot, and you know what that means…all the podcasts! Here are five I’m loving as of late.

1. The Dream

I am so into grifter stories right now (along with the rest of the world it seems!) and The Dream is ideal fodder for that frame of mind. There are two seasons, both of which I powered through – the first looks at MLMs (i.e. multi-level marketing/scam merchants) and the second looks at the world of wellness. I really like how it calls out all the bs but is still very gentle and kind to those who are taken in by grifty practices, or who believe in woo-woo like crystals for example (woo-woo is my take, not theirs!). It isn’t mean. It is fascinating though!

2. Under the Influence with Jo Piazza

The podcast that really changed how I do Instagram. Under the Influence is every icky feeling you’ve ever had about social media and the notion of influencing in one tidy – and super-interesting – package.

3. The Last Movie Ever Made

The Last Movie Ever Made is about filming Don’t Look Up in the middle of a pandemic, and it’s more broadly about the themes of Don’t Look Up and how they all somehow become highly relevant and befitting of the pandemic, despite having been written well before we all became well-versed in epidemiology…Hayden and I are listening to this one together on long drives, so we’re getting through it very slowly! After we last listened to it (on our way back from Taupō) we followed it up with an Adam McKay weekend, re-watching The Big Short and watching Vice for the first time. That’s an endorsement!

4. Bedside Rounds

Okay, this one is definitely niche. Adam Rodman is a doctor, and he takes us through (mostly) historical medical stories and case studies – he doesn’t dumb it down much but he must do enough that it’s intelligible to non-doctors, as I listen, understand and love it, despite not being the target audience I suspect. Bedside Rounds is still kind of technical but not in a bad way. Anyway, I find this stuff fascinating but am also prepared to acknowledge that I’m sure it’s not for everyone!

5. Maintenance Phase

I’ve talked about this before. I still really enjoy Maintenance Phase though, and listen regularly. Although I will say the most recent episode on Michael Pollan really challenged my ingrained liberal, farmers market-shopping, small producer-supporting, organic food-buying, vegetable heavy-eating self. Hey, it’s a process.

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