Five things in February

Hello! And how are you all doing? How was your February?

As I started writing this post we were on day 4 of self-isolation in a type of ‘Schrodinger’s covid’ situation – we knew people who had it, we all had very mild symptoms, and we think we were almost certainly exposed – yet we did three tests each over the course of 8 days and each time they came back negative. Our bodies were fighting something though and in this environment, it seems hard to believe it wasn’t covid. We stayed put in isolation until we all felt better, and we all tested one more time before going anywhere when we did, just to be sure – but the uncertainty about what the right thing to do throughout all that was so hard!

Looking back at February, I realise we really changed our behaviour as the month went on and the Omicron outbreak started doing exactly what we had seen it do in other countries – i.e. spiking massively. It was a quiet one, especially towards the end of the month. And it started with some really ghastly weather – incredibly humid, annoyingly windy, and every day for about two weeks we were covered with this layer of low oppressive clouds. February was a hard month, to be honest. There are always highlights though, even if very very very tiny (consider this forewarning) – here they are for February!

1. A spot of normality

Much as I love him, Hayden and I have spent a lot more time together than we usually would over the last six months! There was a moment in February when the pandemic was muted enough to allow him to go down to Auckland for a couple of days of meetings. The night that he was away, I put Amelie to bed, then curled up on the sofa and watched Something’s Gotta Give with some olives, manchego, good salty crackers, and a glass of red wine. It was refreshing, unusual, and utterly delightful.

2. Going away!

We had booked to go to Taupō with my brother and sister-in-law so my brother and Hayden could do the Around Lake Taupō cycling race. The race ended up being cancelled but we went anyway! It was such a nice weekend. We cycled, ran, ate, dined out at our new favourite spot, the Two Mile Bay Sailing Club, and I even swam in the lake! I’m not saying I’m the bravest of us all but I’ll just note that I was the only one who swam. Now we’re looking to go there next summer as well…

3. Visits to Charlie’s Gelato

Pretty much every time we’re in or around Matakana we’ve been stopping at Charlie’s Gelato for the most amazing gelato, as well as beautiful flowers for sale. You can buy your ice cream then go enjoy it in a vineyard. Usually I then pop back in to grab a tub to take home, and some flowers. It’s bliss.

4. Queer Eye

I don’t think it’s exactly a secret that February wasn’t the easiest month I’ve ever had, but watching Queer Eye honestly really helped when I was feeling it! I like to put in on when I’m cooking or baking by myself. There’s so much joy in it, and I find it incredibly heartwarming to see a ‘makeover’ show that seems to be truly helping people while also letting them be who they are wholeheartedly.

5. San Pellegrino Limonata

The best summer drink. Not particularly relevant to this month, to be fair – I’ve loved these for years, they’re not February-specific – but they’re delicious and fitting for what is technically the last month of summer!

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