Glad rags

We got the happy news the other day that our friends had got engaged, and with that happy news came an almost immediate urge to jump onto Net-a-Porter and The Outnet to find a dress for the wedding. A wedding that has not yet been planned, to which I have not yet been invited, and which may not even happen in a way which requires me to wear a dress – who knows, maybe they’ll elope? Stranger things have happened.

So I haven’t bought a new dress, obviously, and I think the dearth of occasions in my life that are glad rags worthy is evident. Because I love a good party dress – don’t you? But as I have found, people in their late 30s with small children who live in the country just don’t have that many occasions to dress up.

There have been a handful of opportunities over the last few years – a couple of weddings, a big business anniversary, etc. There have been even more events that didn’t call for anything particularly spectacular, dress-wise, but to which I have leaned in regardless – a party of two, Christmas Days, a trip to the ballet or dinner at a slightly upscale restaurant. Such is my MO. I like pretty clothes and I like to feel pretty. I tend towards the overdressed given even the slightest hint of an occasion. And I am wildly impractical sometimes. Despite my adoration of the spectacular I am to be found in jeans, shorts or a casual, easy dress most days of the week. Despite this I struggle mentally with spending on these basics – I do it and almost never regret it, but it’s not easy – yet I have some truly amazing, not inexpensive pieces in my wardrobe that just sit there, being beautiful in the confines of that dark space.

Yet I don’t regret them, either. They carry such memories and just looking at them makes me happy. Glad rags indeed. Here are some of my favourites from over the years…

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