Micropost: The Judd Crew Summer Vibes playlist

Just popping in really quickly to tell you all about my latest tiny accomplishment! When I say tiny I mean tiny, haha. But tiny accomplishments are worth celebrating too. I had some fun recently putting together my ideal summer vibes playlist, leaning heavily on the feelings evoked by this post.

The Judd Crew summer vibes playlist is what I imagine would be playing in the background if you were to have a group of friends over for a super-chill afternoon hang that rolls into a casual dinner. It starts with a strong sense of classic summer sounds so you know the party’s starting, flirts with some reggae to coincide with the session beers, ramps it up a notch and then gets a little bit country at about the same time as I imagine people are getting up on their feet to play some cornhole and throw a ball around. Next up we’ve got some very slight frat house feelings – this is when everyone starts getting in the pool – then it’s a weird combo of a bit of your dad’s car music mixed in with some ’90s classics to see you through dinner, before we end the evening in a very relaxed, and a little bit romantic, way. Someone might pick up a guitar and strum (you should throw that person out, they risk ruining the playlist and in my experience, the dude (it’s always a dude) with the guitar gets way too intense). The playlist ends with F.N.T by Semisonic for two reasons – the first is so it doesn’t just peter out and the second is because 10 Things I Hate About You ends with F.N.T by Semisonic, and that being a formative movie of my teens, I feel like that’s a strong way to end things.

In short, it’s a very particular playlist and may well not be to everyone’s taste, but I’m going to enjoy listening to it all. summer. long. Check it out! And feel free to shuffle play but do be warned that as little sense as the rise and fall covered above makes, it makes a lot less sense if shuffled. Enjoy!

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