September finds

I’ve recently done one of the more ridiculous things of my life and I’ve ordered a bunch of new tea towels and napkins from the States. It’s really very possible to buy both those things in New Zealand without too much difficulty at all. But what happened was, I was looking for some new napkins and I couldn’t find the right thing anywhere. I had a quick peek at Williams-Sonoma, for inspiration, and realised that not only did they have exactly what I wanted, but the cost of getting them, even delivered from the States, was about the same as just buying napkins and tea towels here in New Zealand (except the ones I’d get here would be inferior to what I actually wanted). So, even though buying kitchen linens from the States is definitely one of the more eye-rolling things I’ve ever done (and I do a lot of things that I’m sure induce eye-rolling), I did it. In my defence, my New Year’s resolution was to not compromise. And tea towels and napkins last a long time.

Take a look at my finds, if you like…I love the colours, the style and feel like these are going to be absolutely perfect in my house!

1. Williams-Sonoma classic logo kitchen towels

So sure, essentially I’m paying to advertise Williams-Sonoma in my kitchen with these tea towels, but that’s okay with me. Thing is, I love Williams-Sonoma. When I lived on the Upper West Side I used to pop in to the Williams-Sonoma every time I was around Columbus Circle, which was often (I also used to often go to the Whole Foods there for our groceries). It’s a store, sure, that wants to sell you stuff, but it’s also a whole vibe. I think Williams-Sonoma was to me what Tiffany’s was to Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s – a kind of safe space where nothing bad could reach you. Here’s a picture of it – don’t you feel better? For the many times I felt like Williams-Sonoma Columbus Circle was actually giving my strung-out New York self a hug, I will gladly advertise it in my kitchen. I got them in the navy, because of course I did.

By the way, a tea towel is a kitchen towel! Same thing, different name, like Mum and Mom.

2. Flour sack kitchen towel

Terrible name, wonderful French striped feel. I got blue (you guessed that, right?).

3. Restaurant stripe napkins

With these added to the mix, we will have so many non-matching napkins – but I like to think we can mix and match for a whimsical, not too uptight look. In reality, I can actually be quite uptight and these will be perfect for the adults in our house to use, whether they live here or are visiting. Only adults, though. These napkins have too much white for children, in my experience.

4. Essential napkins

Does what it says on the tin…and I got them in navy, so anyone who wants one of these can have one: adults, kids and all! With these I will basically be the Oprah of napkins.

5. Zeroll ice cream scoop

Very much not an item of kitchen linen, but it caught my eye when I was buying up Williams-Sonoma online. You’re all going to think I’ve completely lost it but I just love the design of this – it’s so simple and just such a classically perfect ice cream scoop. Yes, for real, I just called an ice cream scoop classic…but it is. Plus, it’s been going strong since 1935 – nearly 90 years of ice cream scooping can’t be wrong!

Thanks for bearing with me y’all. I promise I’m totally okay, despite what this post may be telling you to the contrary. I’m just over here, in the middle of a pandemic, controlling my controllables and making sure that we are well equipped to spend lots of time at home – and that home is a pleasing space for us. I may care too much about my kitchen bits and pieces but I’d totally rather be that person than care too little – I know I’m ridiculous but I’m fine with it!

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