Welcome, Theo, to the Judd Crew!

So it turns out that every lockdown we have brings a new level of commitment to the country. First time round, we decided to move up here for good…and this time round, we got a dog!!!

This is Theo and we are so excited to welcome him to our family. It’s kind of a crazy story how he ended up with us…and incredibly serendipitous as well. In short, it was a fairly straightforward adoption after his former family, who loved him so incredibly much, found themselves in a situation where they simply couldn’t keep him with them anymore. The long version of the story isn’t for here, but it really speaks to the power of taking the time to talk to people, listen to them, and also to wholeheartedly show your enthusiasm and interest. I have always been a wildly enthusiastic and highly motivated person, which didn’t necessarily always serve me well when being reticent and understated was the fast track to cool, and being motivated to achieve – well, literally anything – automatically made you a ‘try-hard’ (this is to be said extremely sneeringly. Any other countries have this ghastly terminology? It’s never made any sense to me; why wouldn’t you try hard? But that’s the New Zealand attitude for you in a nutshell) but it really does mean that things have generally panned out pretty well for me when it comes to getting what’s important to me.

And so it was with Theo (I know! Quite the sidebar!) I wouldn’t exactly say we manifested it because that’s really downplaying the efforts we’ve made. However, we decided last year we wanted a dog, and we wanted that dog to be a golden retriever (we just love them. So beautiful, so goofy, and such kind, gentle dogs – perfect for Amelie). We did lots of research, talked to lots of people, and bided our time, making sure it was actually a good choice for us. We had just decided to up our efforts and get ourselves onto whatever sort of lists we needed to be on, without worrying about the time we might have to wait, when we became aware Theo might need a new home. A few weeks later, it became a bit more critical for his family, and we made the leap and welcomed him into our family that same day.

Theo is delightful. He’s nearly two, and he’s so playful, sweet, and such a doofus. He loves running around our yard, playing with us, and visiting the park and the beach (especially the beach!). He’s highly respectful of us and our space, but the slightest hint of an invitation and he is rightthere for a cuddle. He is also extremely enthusiastic and motivated (to play and sleep, anyway). He’s quite curious about our cat Cuper, but understands that Cuper is a crotchety old thing and steers well clear most of the time. He is, obviously, a very good boy.

As we tell Amelie, it’s totally okay to want what you want and own it, without explanation or apology. We should all remember that. I really believe that when we want something, one should always go for it, while being respectful along the way and ensuring we don’t hurt others, of course.

I hope Amelie holds on to these lessons throughout her life, and also that she remembers the way in which her parents did just that, and all the great things that came from it – Theo being the prime example here, of course! I’m so happy he’s bounded into our life.

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