Satisfying weekends

We’ve had a few weeks around here that have really all blended in to the next! When I look back at them, though, I’m happy and impressed to note that we’ve been breaking that pattern on weekends. I’ve been having a lot of really satisfying weekends. It’s been great.

I think the secret for us is somehow managing to fit in everything we need to do, without making the weekend just about errands and jobs. It’s fitting in something fun for all of us, without rushing. It’s getting some solid relaxing time in, without doing solely that. And I don’t know why it’s been working so well, but it has been!

We’ve had friends over for dinner, I’ve done heaps of cooking (some of it quite involved – I love that!) and even some baking, we’ve taken Amelie to the playground and the beach, we’ve gone for brunch and family walks, we’ve run, cycled and yoga’d. And then, of course, we’ve also done shedloads of laundry, read in the spa, and started Sunday slow with pancakes, the New York Times (this has been a tradition since we lived in NYC and I see no reason to stop now), and much coffee It’s been so so lovely.

These photos are from a weekend a few weeks ago, when we took Amelie to a local school to ride her bike and throw a ball around. We then went to the Last Saturday Club at Brooke Lane Winery to eat pizza, have a glass of wine, listen to live music, play some pétanque, and enjoy the wood smoke as we sat in the crisp winter air. We loved it!

As I type, it’s Thursday night and I’m staring down the end of another super-busy week. This is not great, by the way – once upon a time I didn’t feel myself if my weeks weren’t painfully busy and now I hate it. But I’m enjoying knowing that, if all goes right, I’ll be recharged after another satisfying weekend.I’m hoping for the same for you! What constitutes a truly satisfying weekend in your eyes?

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