Five things in May

Five things this month really has a common theme, and that is sun! I am such a sun fan. My mood is so affected by the weather, and especially in the colder months, I really suffer if there are too many grey days in a row. Hence all these photos…I think seeing the sun made me feel so good I just had to capture the moments, and of course, the autumn light is so stunning when the sun is shining.

Here goes with a sunny five things – hoping your June (and mine) sees at least a few days of such beautiful weather.

1. Amazing autumn weather

As noted above! Haha. I will say, the light in autumn is just so ridiculously beautiful. We’ve been lucky to experience some classically amazing autumn weather during May. Even when it’s cold, the sun shining seems to make it not matter at all (I’d take sunny and cold over warm and grey any day…and I can’t stand being cold). This photo was taken one beautiful morning at the beach as the sun slowly made its way into the sky. I only intended to go for a short walk but the weather was so beautiful I ended up walking the whole beach (and it’s a long beach!) Such a perfect way to start the day!

2. Rock pool life

Pretty much all of those shells in the picture above contain tiny hermit crabs. If you look closely at the group by the rock in the bottom left corner, you might see that it’s actually a small group of crabs having a tussle (I don’t know anything about crabs, but I believe there was one really good shell that came free that they all wanted). I watched the life in this rock pool for ages, and I could have stayed for hours longer; only a sense of responsibility to the rest of my life pulled me away (ugh, adulting). I just find rock pool life so fascinating! I grew up by a beach that had exceptional rock pools. The ones at Mangawhai are also pretty great. I intend to try to pay them a visit again sometime soon!

3. House love

I snapped this photo on my phone one afternoon – I came home after the cleaner had been, and it was so sparkly and peaceful feeling, and it made me instantly fell in love again with our house. It’s so beautiful with the sun pouring in through the windows! It’s come such a long way since we moved up here and made it our permanent home, and I’m so proud of our work. Feeling so lucky to live in a place we love so much.

4. Brunch in the sun

When was the last time we got to have a relaxing brunch in the sun over the papers? Well, Amelie is four and a half, so (counting on fingers) it was about four and a half years ago I guess?! We had a family brunch down at the Heads one sunny Sunday, and it was so lovely sitting outside, soaking up the sun, and flicking through the papers and (my favourite) real estate magazines.

5. Beach dates

There’s nothing I love more than going to the beach with Amelie to paddle in the water, look for shells, and walk along the sand together chatting. May probably represents the last month in a while that we can paddle in the water without freezing off our toes, but the rest of it is still totally doable. Looking forward to more great beach dates with my favourite kid this winter!

What were some of your highlights from May?

Wishing you a sunny, safe and happy June – see you soon!

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