Gift ideas for Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! I mentioned it to Amelie tonight and she got very excited, and promised she would make me a card and a present. That sounds good to me! That said, in our family we do tend to buy presents for both Mothers Day and Fathers Day, so I don’t think it’s out of the question that Hayden will also take Amelie shopping sometime in the next couple of weeks. I also need to go shopping of course, which does rather beg the question that I confront at least three times a year…

What do I get my mother, who somehow seems to never want anything and also seems to have everything she wants?

I personally think the ideal Mothers Day gift is something you know they love, ideally a more luxe version than what they would buy themselves. Here are a few ideas for things I think fall into that category…

It’s nearly winter here and it’s getting cold! I love the idea of giving a new cosy robe that is still gently elegant – so many robes end up looking tatty, but these ones are beautiful. My favourite is the Sleeping Beauty one, which is also quilted so sure to be deliciously snuggly.

L-R: Wallace Cotton Sleeping Beauty Quilted Robe; Homebodii Ultimate Luxe Robe; Wallace Cotton Clooney Waffle Robe

Coffee table books that celebrate a favourite artist or evoke a personal style are one of those things that it can be hard to buy for yourself, making them a perfect present.

L-R: Gray Malin: The Essential Collection; Nantucket: Classic American Style 30 Miles Out to Sea; Beautiful

If you have a good idea of her preferred fragrance family, perfume can be a great gift – or a scented hand cream can do the trick as well. This L’Occitane hand cream is the best; I always have one in my handbag. And I’m really feeling rose scents this winter.

L-R: Kate Spade New York perfume; L’Occitane Rose hand cream; Tom Ford Eau de Soleil Blanc perfume

More roses! A diptyque candle would be so special; I buy scented candles regularly but would find it challenging to buy a dipyque candle for myself just randomly. And Lyttelton Lights make my favourite room spray so I’d love to give their scented candles a try! Sandalwood and Vanilla sounds so good to burn on chilly winter evenings.

L-R: Diptyque Roses scented candle; Lyttelton Lights Sandalwood and Vanilla scented candle

I just bought Amelie two new pairs of winter pyjamas, but do you think I ever buy any for myself? Of course not, that’s not what mothers do. A stylish pyjama set (although, in all honesty, they’d probably be marginally less stylish than these due to literally nobody I know steaming or ironing their pyjamas – nobody does this, right?) evens the playing field somewhat. And a cashmere cardigan! That’s just next-level lovely.

L-R: Wanderluxe Elizabeth pyjama set; Boden cashmere cardigan

Everyone has a bag or two already, and everyone has a phone case, but something in a slightly offbeat colour, made out of soft leather, or with sporty stripes, or that is monogrammed? That puts these basics way up there into ‘great Mothers Day presents’ territory. Love them both.

L-R: Mark & Graham green leather tote bag; The Daily Edited monogrammed phone case

Oh my gosh so many lovely, lovely things. I still don’t have a clue what to buy my own mother, but I feel confident in believing that Amelie will never be faced with that particular problem (isn’t she lucky that I’m such a fiend for beautiful things?!) I hope this has given you some ideas! And I’d love to know – what do you think makes for the perfect Mothers Day gift?

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