A surprisingly good gift for the husband who has everything

We celebrated Hayden’s birthday last week! As per usual, Hayden had a good time, I had a good time, and Amelie had the time of her LIFE. That kid lives for birthdays. It’s so cute!

Clearly not convinced that I was going to come through with an impressive enough cake, Amelie made Hayden a ‘sprinkle cake’ (that is a cake with sprinkles) with candles, all out of things in her bedroom, and presented it at breakfast. He loved it.

Hayden also loved my present to him, which was such a win! Like so many people, Hayden is really hard to buy for. I don’t know whether this is an adult thing or a husband thing or what, but all too often I end up just asking him what he wants and either I buy it for him, or he just buys it for himself…it’s kind of a non-event. Not this year though!

I had no ideas for the longest time and then, one serendipitous day, Hayden mentioned how sore his body was and I remembered a review I had read on The Stripe not so long ago…I got him a Theragun! And once he had worked out what it was, he loved it! It was a surprise and a good gift. Best of both worlds. Especially because a couple of days out, I started to have pretty major doubts, wondering if it was actually something he would like, or if it was actually the equivalent of a foot spa (e.g. super lame and sure to go unused).

Specifically, I got Hayden the Theragun Prime, which seems to be pretty perfect. Hayden works out a lot and he cycles frequently, so his muscles are more often than not pretty tense. It’s too early to say if it will help him recover more quickly, but using it for just a few minutes feels (to me) like I’ve had a decent massage, except I actually enjoy it (I am not a fan of massages). And so far, we’ve only used the lightest setting – everything else is just too much, haha.

So there you have it – an excellent gift for any husbands who are hard to buy for, especially if they’re athletic! I figure I get the next few months to be proud of myself, then it’ll be time to start thinking about Christmas (I am open to ideas already, let me know!)

Oh before I go, I feel like I should explain the beer on top of the gift. Hayden doesn’t drink beer with breakfast (no, not even on his birthday) but the ‘birthday beer’ has kind of become a tradition. It’s in place of a card. Hayden reads the message on the Post-Its, has a moment of ‘awww’ then throws the Post-Its in the bin (as he would a card – he is not sentimental like that!) and still gets to enjoy the beer later on. Win-win.

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