Five things in December

Pōhutukawa (affectionately known as Aotearoa’s Christmas tree)

December. December. It feels like such a long time ago! I’m really having to cast my mind back to think about what was going on then! This always happens to me, I think it’s the Christmas/New Year/summer haze where days and weeks kind of all run into each other. December was lovely though, really lovely. Obviously there was Christmas! And obviously I love Christmas. But there were also lots of gorgeous little moments that brought me a lot of joy, and they’re the ones I’ve chosen to focus on here. Like a little palate cleanser after the whole excess of the holidays, if you like. So, without further ado…

Early summer flowers

Beach roses
Beach flowers…forget me nots maybe? Who knows. They’re pretty!

In December, there were suddenly flowers everywhere. Beach roses climbing up everything, hedgerows full of agapanthus, hibiscus in people’s front yards, hydrangeas in full bloom everywhere you looked, and, of course, all the pōhutukawa trees going gangbusters down by the beach. It was spectacular. I feel so lucky to live here!

2. Dressing for work like this

On Zoom, nobody can see your shorts. Pre-Christmas, things got real casual around here (and that trend is continuing post-Christmas, FYI).

3. Amelie’s wholehearted, pure love for Christmas trees

Amelie got so excited every time she saw a Christmas tree. And we saw a lot. From the scrappiest specimens right through to the downright spectacular ones in Smith and Caughey’s, she’d got loopy every time. If there were presents under them, the loopiness was tripled. Yes, even fake presents (and yes, I explained that most presents on display out in the world aren’t actually presents). I’m super pleased that she seems to be taking after me in my love for Christmas!

4. The first day of boat racing

This was some luck! I just happened to be having lunch downtown, right on the water’s edge, on the first day of the regattas that lead up to the America’s Cup (in this case, the World Series). From our table we could see the televisions screening the races perfectly. The vibe was awesome – you should have heard the place when New Zealand won the first race seemingly without exerting any effort at all! – and we ended up spending all afternoon there, eating oysters, drinking rosé, and watching the sailing. Such a perfect and fortuitous day!

5. Celebrating our ten year anniversary in true ‘us’ style

We were so lucky and, thanks to grandparents again (although a different set this time) we got to spend two nights away for our anniversary when we were down in Hawkes Bay. We stayed in a nice hotel in Havelock North and spent our time hiking, at the beach, and, of course, doing some tastings at a few wineries (be rude not to in Hawkes Bay…). Nothing makes me happier than getting to spend time outside with my favourite big person! (As opposed to my favourite small person that is, I’m not being rude about any holiday excesses, I promise). We are well and truly aware of how incredibly lucky we are to be able to do all of this. I am so appreciative of just how fortunate our situation is.

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