Five things in November

Birthday month! November is always a goodie and this year, even more so. It absolutely flew. I had a big project due at the end of the month so I’m sure that had something to do with it! We also had so many fun things to do though…time flies when you’re having fun, right?!

Some standouts from the last month to share with you…

  1. Running in the Auckland Marathon

I have to be careful how I word that! I did not run a marathon, I ran in the Auckland Marathon. The race I did is called the 11km traverse and it’s a really lovely run from Takapuna on the Shore, down the motorway, across the Harbour Bridge, around Herne Bay and Westhaven and then into Victoria Park. Usually there’s no way across the Harbour Bridge on foot, so it’s exciting to run it!

This is the second year I’ve done the 11km traverse and it was not easy. I’d been ill with a cold the previous week so the run felt awful, and my time ended up being 1m10s slower than 2019. I was pretty low about that but on reflection, it’s awesome that I was able to do it at all! I’m immunocompromised and usually a cold will knock me out for a good couple of weeks.

Next up is a half marathon I guess…eek.

2. My birthday

Goes without saying. What a brilliant weekend.

3. Running for fun

Another running post; so boring but bear with me! After the traverse I let myself rest and recover properly from my cold for a week or so, then I took myself out on a run where I just…ran. I wasn’t focused on running longer or faster, and I didn’t plan my route out in advance to maximise hills or flats (depending on what my training demanded). I just ran. I ended up heading down a number of streets I’ve never been down before and it was so nice to be reminded of what a great way running is to explore new areas! And of course I stopped to take some photos just because I could, without undue concern about affecting my training. It felt great and was a good reminder of how much I actually do really enjoy running, after my initial sadness about my time in the traverse!

4. Ted Lasso

Have you seen this? It’s on AppleTV+ and I love it. We absolutely devoured the first season (and Hayden and I don’t actually watch a lot of TV, so that means you know it’s good). It’s funny and heartwarming and just absolutely wholeheartedly good. So often humour is tied to cynicism, but this show isn’t even a little bit cynical, and it’s so much stronger for it. Watch it if you need to feel better about the world! (That’s all of us right?!)

5. Baking Christmas cookies!

‘Tis that time of the year! I love Christmas so much. Last year Amelie and I did the whole sugar cookies decorated with royal icing thing, but this year we did chocolate chip cookies. Because I love chocolate chip cookies, far more than sugar cookies. Admittedly they blobbed out in the oven a little when they were cooking, so the snowman looked more like the Michelin man, and the snowflake wasn’t quite the same pristine self it started out as, but hey, after this year, who of us can’t identify with that? Plus, they tasted delicious. Well worth the non-traditional change up. (We always use this recipe by the way).

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