Photos from our Fiji trip!

We escaped to Fiji for a quick sunshine break this winter. Fiji is so easy from New Zealand – it’s only about three hours to fly there, and it’s on the same time zone (which is so brilliant when you’re bringing a toddler with you!)


We went back to our favourite haunt of Tokoriki Island, in the Mamanuca Island chain. This place is just blissful. The weather has been consistently good for us each time we’ve been, the staff are all amazingly lovely and the hotel (a Sheraton) is beautiful yet still super-relaxed. There’s a big (and very cold!) pool, a ‘classic Fiji’ beach with white sand and palm trees, and a whole heap of watersports and other activities . Oh, and, importantly, a playground, which we made very good use of.



Fiji is not quite as relaxing with a toddler as might be hoped, but it was still such a beautiful, fun, lovely holiday to take. I don’t love winter, so any chance to get some winter sun makes my soul sing. Here are a few of my favourite photos of our week…and even a short video!

Fiji and Whangarei-282018-06-30 11.02.542018-06-28 15.04.502018-06-26 14.51.292018-06-24 12.15.302018-06-23 16.48.102018-06-23 16.47.45


Fiji and Whangarei-91

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