Sailing with my parents

2013-11-09 14.25.47

I knew I liked sailing, but I didn’t realise how totally fantastic it could be until I went out recently with my parents for the weekend. It was a beautiful day when we left, and we made it to Kawau in good time, mooring in Mansion House Bay for the night with about 20 other keen boats (most of which my parents knew from their home marina).

After a dinner of lamb and salad, I popped back up on deck to chill out in the last of the daylight and take some photos of the sun, which was valiantly trying to get the last word in. The sea was completely still around me and for once, I completely, properly relaxed.

2013-11-09 19.10.52

The next day we ate breakfast before rowing into shore to take a wander around that side of Kawau and wait for the café to open up. Yes,that’s right. There’s a café in Mansion House Bay, where all the boaties can grab their coffee in the morning. Phone reception and flat whites – essentially, I now believe that sailing is much like walking down Ponsonby Road, but with water.

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