Sunshine in Brooklyn Heights


Have you ever been to Brooklyn Heights? It’s the loveliest neighbourhood! Hayden and I paid it a visit over the weekend. Amazingly, I had never been there before, although I’ve been close to it on multiple occasions. It’s such a private, tucked away sort of suburb that I guess you really don’t end up there unless you intend to .

On Saturday, the perfect spring day that it was, Brooklyn Heights was blooming. The streets were quiet, with only a few people out and about. Down by the water, in and around the Brooklyn Bridge Park, cyclists and runners and families abounded, but the feeling was still far, far quieter than Manhattan.


Hayden and I meandered past the beautiful brownstones, through the park, and then back onto Front Street to enjoy huevos rancheros at Gran Electrica, followed by a visit to the carousel on the Dumbo side of the park. We called it a day after a wander up and down the commercial strips of Henry and Montague Streets. These lovely streets are lined with stores, bars, and restaurants, but it was all very hushed still, even in the mid-afternoon of a sunny Saturday.

I tried to look in the windows of several real estate agents, but was stymied in my efforts each and every time by Hayden, who seems to consider it a waste of time to look at the prices and features of places in areas we don’t want to live. Bizarre, I know. I tried to justify it by pointing out that Brooklyn Heights may well be somewhere we want to live – it’s certainly lovely enough – but he simply bounced it back to me by asking if I would really want to live out of Manhattan, while still paying Manhattan levels of rent (in this sentence, Manhattan is synonymous with stratospheric).


Short answer, no. But would I visit again? For sure.

7 thoughts on “Sunshine in Brooklyn Heights

  1. Tell Hayden that looking into real estate windows is part of your heritage and can’t be ignored – we always as a family have visited places and looked in real estate windows- you better tell him it is normal behaviour and not in the least bit odd (can’t have him thinking we are odd!)If he is worried about the chances that you are odd – tell him about how your father took you to every lake he could find when we were on holiday, much to the horror of you and our siblings – – now you guys had no understanding of that at all!


  2. I had no idea there was a Torbay Heights (but I’m not from that side of the bridge….) but I’m sure it’s as lovely as basically everywhere else on the Shore.
    I’m always drawn to real estate windows. I think it’s an addiction.


    1. There is! But I don’t recall there being one before the mid-90s – I suspect it was a real estate invented term. It got majorly built up then, so it may be nice, but it may also be chock-full of leaky homes now.


  3. First of all, I love how your Mum’s name for comments is Hayley’s Mum.
    I also love how we both grew up in Torbay, albeit on other sides of the world! 🙂


    1. I love that too! And that we’re exactly 1 year and 1 day apart in terms of birthdays. We were destined to be friends, Maddy!


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